Mural Painting by Sadequain


Treasure of Time - a life size 100 x 12 feet mural by Sadequain (displayed at the State Bank of Pakistan Building)

We have talked of calligraphy and other paintings of Sadequain in the previous sections on Sadequain. This section pertains exclusively to the mural paintings of Sadequain.

These life size murals remind one with the life size paintings of rural Pakistan by Ustad Allah Bakhsh, like 'Sohni Dharti.' While Ustad Bakhsh used the actual life figures, Sadequain used his angular painting techniques to paint his murals.

  His first mural which dazzled the art lovers was 'The Treasure of Time' - a monumental mural of 100 x 12 feet which he painted for the State Bank of Pakistan building at Karachi.

The Treasure of Time mural pays tribute to the human intellectual advancement through the course of history by highlighting Greek philosophers, European luminaries of renaissance, Arab scholars, and twentieth century stalwarts complete the visual narration.


Murals at the Mangla Dam Power House


He continued with his mural artwork which are displayed at Frere Hall Karachi, Lahore Museum, Punjab University, Mangla Dam, Aligarh Muslim University, Banaras Hindu University, Indian Institute of Geological Sciences, Islamic Institute in Delhi, and Abu Dhabi Power House and many other places. These murals provide a peek into the life of the era by capturing characters and portraying scenes from social and cultural events that take place at the time.





"War and Peace (left), Darkness and Light (right)"






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